Ill[lumination] - Battle of the Artists

Welcome to Illlumination, Battle of the Artists presented by snapyourPOET! We are here, illuminating time, by showcasing an array of highly talented artists in a gathering of light. Each artist paints an original masterpiece on the canvas of their choosing, for a live audience. Audience members are given a paintbrush upon arrival to the event in order to cast their vote. Votes are tallied and a winner is chosen to describe their venture through art, leading up to and including, this live painting! 

For further information on sponsorship oppurtunitiies, please email for our full brochure.

See you at the next Illlumination!!

 snapyourPOET's Illlumination @Improper City, You are now in the middle of now here. Sponorship oppurtunities now available!Always spill paint. If you don't, then who will? Tim Valdez here at snapyourPOET's Illlumination painting for  live audience.
Meet Master Bushey! This incredibly talented artist is a brother, a friend, and mentor. These are a couple of his original sculptures available for sale.